Continuous patient monitoring with a patient centric agent: A block architecture

The Internet of Things (IoT) has facilitated services without human intervention for a wide range of applications, including continuous remote patient monitoring (RPM).

  • MA Uddin, A Stranieri, I Gondal, V Balasubramanian |
  • IEEE Access 6, 32700-32726

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Reliability measure model for assistive care loop framework using wireless sensor networks

Body area wireless sensor networks (BAWSNs) are time-critical systems that rely on the collective data of a group of sensor nodes.

  • V Balasubramanian, DB Hoang
  • |
  • Journal of Healthcare Engineering 1 (2), 239-254

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An enhanced HCF for IEEE 802.11 e wireless networks

Wireless network is an influential research domain. Already considerable work has been carried out to improve the sagging performance of IEEE 802.11.

  • V Balasubramanian, S Selvakennedy
  • | Proceedings of the 7th ACM international symposium on Modeling, analysis and simulation of wireless and mobile systems

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Addressing the challenges of web applications on mobile handheld devices

Access to Web applications using hand-held devices is becoming a necessity for gathering information, conducting transactions, and interacting with people,

  • V Balasubramanian, S Murugesan
  • |
  • Mobile Business, 2005. ICMB 2005. International Conference on, 199-205

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A genetic algorithm-neural network wrapper approach for bundle branch block detection

A Bundle Branch Block (BBB) is a delay or obstruction along electrical impulse pathways in the heart. The automated detection and classification of a BBB is

  • R Allami, A Stranieri, V Balasubramanian, HF Jelinek
  • |
  • 2016 Computing in Cardiology Conference (CinC), 461-464

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SOAP based Assistive Care Loop using wireless sensor networks

There is a growing trend towards in-house health monitoring system. It is now feasible to place a personal digital assistant (PDA) or smart phone in the hands

    • V Balasubramanian, DB Hoang, NF Ahmad
    • | 2008 IEEE International Symposium on IT in Medicine and Education, 409-414
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A biometric based authentication and encryption framework for sensor health data in cloud

Use of remote healthcare monitoring application (HMA) can not only enable healthcare seeker to live a normal life while receiving treatment but also

  • S Sharma, V Balasubramanian
  • |
  • Information Technology and Multimedia (ICIMU), 2014 International Conference.

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Developing an interactive electronic maternity record

Women have a strong need to be involved in their own maternity care. Pregnancy hand-held records encourage women's participation in their maternity care;

  • CSE Homer, CJ Catling-Paull, D Sinclair, N Faizah, V Balasubramanian,…
  • |
  • British Journal of Midwifery 18 (6), 384-389

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Addressing the confidentiality and integrity of assistive care loop framework using wireless sensor networks

In-house healthcare monitoring applications are continuous time-critical applications often built upon Body Area Wireless Sensor Networks (BAWSNs).

  • V Balasubramanian, DB Hoang, TA Zia
  • |
  • 2011 21st International Conference on Systems Engineering, 416-421

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Blockchain leveraged decentralized IoT eHealth framework

Blockchain technologies recently emerging for eHealth, can facilitate a secure, decentralized and patient-driven, record management system.

  • MA Uddin, A Stranieri, I Gondal, V Balasubramanian | Internet of Things 9, 100159

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A secured framework for sdn-based edge computing in IOT-enabled healthcare system

The Internet of Things (IoT) consists of resource-constrained smart devices capable to sense and process data. It connects a huge number of smart sensing devices, i.e., things, and heterogeneous networks.

  • J Li, J Cai, F Khan, AU Rehman, V Balasubramaniam, J Sun, P Venu | IEEE Access 8, 135479-135490

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Rapid health data repository allocation using predictive machine learning

Health-related data is stored in a number of repositories that are managed and controlled by different entities. For instance, Electronic Health Records are usually administered by governments. Electronic Medical Records are typically controlled by health care providers, whereas Personal Health Records are managed directly by patients.

  • MA Uddin, A Stranieri, I Gondal, V Balasubramanian | Health Informatics Journal 26 (4), 3009-3036

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A scalable framework for healthcare monitoring application using the Internet of Medical Things

Internet of Things (IoT) is finding application in many areas, particularly in health care where an IoT can be effectively used in the form of an Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) to monitor the patients remotely.

  • V Balasubramanian, A Jolfaei | Software: Practice and Experience 51 (12), 2457-2468

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A scalable cloud Platform for Active healthcare monitoring applications

Continuous, remote monitoring of patients using wearable sensors can facilitate early detection of many conditions and can help to manage the growing healthcare crisis worldwide.

  • V Balasubramanian, A Stranierie-Learning, e-Management and e-Services (IC3e) | 2014 IEEE Conference on, 93-98

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An AI-enabled lightweight data fusion and load optimization approach for Internet of Things

In the densely populated Internet of Things (IoT) applications, sensing range of the nodes might overlap frequently. In these applications, the nodes gather highly correlated and redundant data in their vicinity.

  • MA Jan, M Zakarya, M Khan, S Mastorakis, VG Menon, V Balasubramanian | Future Generation Computer Systems 122, 40-51

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