Smart Vital Signs Monitoring

Cost effective live vital signs monitoring with one
handheld medically certified device.

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About Us

The ANIDRA Group is an Indian – Australian consortium dedicated to the application of cutting edge technologies to save lives in cost effective ways. The ANIDRA team comprise an impressive array of talent in intelligent systems for Remote Patient Monitoring dedicated to health care management and marketing.



  • Enables remote access of real-time patients vital parameters
  • Proactive identification of patient’s health deterioration

Patient Monitoring

Our product includes hardware and pre-configured software comprising health data analytical algorithms which continuously collects vital physiological data in an automated manner

Data Storage

Such alerts messages prompts the team to take the appropriate actions much before the condition becomes complicated.

Critical Alerts

In case any vital parameter’s values go beyond the allowed thresholds - health care professionals are alerted.

Monitoring with mobility

A dashboard is presented to the health care professional on their mobile for understanding the pattern.

Media Coverage

We help health care professionals and organisations to deploy the latest digital health technologies to benefit patients

About Products

A smart all-in-one monitor capable of monitoring parameters.


Use the ANIDRA IN-HOSPITAL CARE product when you have many patients, and you need the vital signs to stream to an Andra Cloud server for doctors and others to access in real-time via the Web Application or Anidra Doctors App. The product will send smart Al-based alarms to the doctors and the caretakers


Use this if you have patient in a clinic or ambulance and you don't need the vital signs streamed to the Andra Cloud server for real-time viewing. Instead, the Doctors or Paramedics can have the App generate a pdf summary of the vital signs and store in the dedicated Tablet for further diagnosis. A threshold bused alarm can be set to alert the doctors or the caretaker. The Indian Defense Research organisation uses the Andra Clinic/ Ambulance Care App on their motorcycle ambulances


Use this if you have a patient at home and you don't need the vital by doctors on their smartphones. The multi-parameter vital signs device bluetooths the vital signs to our Android Andra At-Home App for display on a smartphone near the device. The App generates a summary of the vitals signs for you to send by Whatsapp or email equivalent to other mobile phones.

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