Solutions that enables healthcare professionals to provide an innovative service through remote monitoring and smart alerts

  • 10000 Hours of Monitoring
  • 600 Patients Monitored
  • 420 Alerts Raised
  • 36 ‘code Blue’ Avoided
  • 15 Different Wards
  • 6 Different Hospitals

Patient Monitoring

Monitors 5 vital signs of the body – SPO2, Blood Pressure, Respiratory, Body Temperature, Heart Rate

Monitoring with mobility

Enables Patients to be mobilise when required without removing the device

Critical Alerts

Healthcare professional receives SMS and local ‘beeping’ alerts as soon as the vital signs are in a worrying state

Remote Patient Monitoring (IoT)

Allowing patients vital signs to be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world (login credentials required)

Data Storage

Enable’s the healthcare professional to extract patient’s stored data

Health Data Visualization

The Anidra monitoring software can generate a consolidated report for any patient. The data readings for each vital sign is also available to be downloaded

Neonatal Care Units

Supports Infants, new born and young babies