La Trobe Accelerator program participant launching product in India

  • Natalie Croxon
  • |
  • 13, August, 2019

Next month, a product will launch in India that is anticipated to help save lives by allowing busy doctors and nurses to monitor their patients’ vital signs remotely.

One of its creators credits La Trobe University’s Accelerator program with providing the support that allowed him and his partner to get their idea off the ground and turn it into a viable business venture.

Associate Professor Andrew Stranieri, co-founder and research director of Anidra Tech Ventures and his business partner Dr Venki Balasubramanian, participated in the university’s first Accelerator program, a 12-week initiative providing participants with access to support, funding, information and mentorship to launch their start-ups.

He said the program offered great mentorship from experienced entrepreneurs.

The program was important for regional areas, Associate Professor Stranieri said.

“There’s no reason why regional Victoria can’t be best practice in entrepreneurship,” he said.

Associate Professor Stranieri and Dr Balasubramanian both work at Federation University and there developed their remote monitoring device.

The device is connected to a patient and uses Bluetooth to send data on the patient’s vital signs to a device.

If a patient begins to go downhill, the device will send out an alarm, alerting doctors and nurses.

Doctors are also able to check in on their patients remotely.

For those who have a start-up idea and are considering the Accelerator program, Associate Professor Stranieri advises, “Just do it”.

Applications for the next Accelerator program close July 30.

For more information, visit the La Trobe University website.

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