The ANIDRA Group is an Indian - Australian consortium dedicated to the application of cutting edge technologies to save lives in cost effective ways. The ANIDRA team comprise an impressive array of talent in intelligent systems for Remote Patient Monitoring dedicated to health care management and marketing.
ANIDRA’s vision is to save patients using remote monitoring and smart alerts inside and outside of the hospital

Why Choose Us

Our product is developed by Australian based research scientists after extensive study and there are a number of use cases on the need of remote patient monitoring. Early detection of patient’s health deterioration is vital and could be fatal if not identified at an early stage. There are number of wards in hospital

What You Get

Apart from providing premium service and dedicated training to the required staff/individual you will also get :

  • Remote patient monitoring kit capable of monitoring 5 vital signs with local warranty
  • Be able to receive SMS alerts when patient health condition is in a deterioration state

Digital Health

Patient is equipped with the wearable vital signs sensors. The wearable device sends data to the data-hub using Anidra hardware and software.


Dr. Venki Balasubramanian (PhD)

Founder, Data Scientist, Remote patient monitoring specialist

ANIDRA founder, Dr. Venki was one of the first researchers to develop architectures for streaming data continously from wearable sensors remotely via the Cloud to alert clinicians of patient deterioration. He has extensive experience in computer networks and data science. He received his doctorate in remote patient monitoring from a prestigious Australian University.

A / Prof Andrew Stranieri (PhD)

Co - Founder, Data mining and health informatics champion

A/ Prof Andrew is a leading health informatics researcher based in Australia.He has many years’ experience in artificial intelligence research applied to health data analytics,clinical decisionsuppport and information systems. He reeived doctorate in data mining from a prestigious Australian University.


Mr. Grant Downie

Founder, InnovAction
Melbourne, Australia

Ms Cerasela Tanasescu

Director, LTAP
Melbourne, Australia

Dr. G Bakthavathsalam

Chairman, K G Hospitals
Coimbatore, India